Invite all aspects of yourself to be united

My mission is to help individuals and companies to evolve to their full potential, so that we can all support the shift that is happening on our planet. The evolution happens through the alignment between your body, mind and spirit. There are three ways that I can help you get aligned with all aspects of yourself:

Holistic Life and Business Coaching

(Online and in person)

During my many years of experience, I can say as a fact that achieving goals is not enough for you to feel happy. We experience true happiness, abundance and freedom when our body, mind and spirit are working together. Holistic Coaching helps individuals, teams, and companies to achieve outstanding and sustainable results, while balance is restored in all aspects of life.

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Neuro-transformation Sessions

(In person)

Your brain is the most precious organ in your body. Even when other vital organs keep working, without brain wave activity, the body is an empty vessel. How would you like to tap the full potential of your brain’s power? The NT sessions use technology and coaching to boost your brain power and guide your mind to rid yourself of negative self-talk and achieve life goals. 

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The Gold Treatment® Sessions

(Online and in person)

Everything in the Universe has a light frequency that can be measured. Diseases, states of consciousness, states of being have a Light Measurement that needs to be increased in order for a person to respond to growth processes and healing. The Gold Treatment increases your LIGHT, promoting healing, good health and elevated states of consciousness.

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It's time to evolve!

Companies are a powerful vehicle to accelerate the evolution process because they impact not only their founders and employees, but also customers, the community, the society and ultimately planet Earth.

It is clear that many companies have been taking a stand in important values that were forgotten or neglected. Human rights, sustainability, love and care, education, and respect are some of the values that companies are now fighting for.

Those people who create these companies and make the decisions to align business operations to human values are what I call the evolutionary leaders. They're not only concerned about creating a successful business, but also - and most importantly - being committed to creating a better world for the next generation.

They're committed to the values more than the profits. And they know with absolute certainty that money is a consequence of doing the right thing.

Evolutionary leaders need help more than ever. While they have business ideas or companies that are already created, they're also transforming themselves as human beings, tapping into a power that is yet to be discovered, and feeling the transformation on every single cell of their bodies.

Their mind is changing, as they notice that the conscious mind is limited and that the subconscious and unconscious mind play a fundamental role in who they are, what they do, and who they will become.

They discover that life without spirituality is empty and meaningless. They feel that without spirituality being a critical component in their lives, there will always be a feeling of something important missing. As many people described to be, it feels like dying on the inside.

Life without spirituality is egocentric, which means to be focused on self. Once we all realize and acknowledge that in fact we're one, we feel truly alive again.

The triad of the body, mind and spirit is the key to true abundance, happiness and freedom.

The triad is the starting point of a meaningful and fulfilling growth process for individuals and for companies.

Once the alignment between body, mind and spirit is in place, true magic happens.

And life feels like true gift. A dance. A dream. A blessing.


Let’s get to work

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Feel the Love

I love to work with every client! This is a result of a heart centered business that always seeks care, concern, and excellence. I have a lot to say about my fantastic clients, and they also have a lot to say about our work together. 

Check it out!

"I waited for a long time to select an executive coach because it had to be the right person. I was looking for someone who knows success from experience and has the blueprint to create it consistently! I finally found the complete package with Mariana and I couldn’t be happier!"

Marina Couto
Vice President

"Mariana's wise compassion and consistent support helped me grow my coaching business in just a few months! I continue to work with Mariana because she understands my goals and dreams, and makes sure I stay on track (no matter what happens in my "real life"). The value she adds to my business and coaching is priceless, and I am so grateful for willingness to go above and beyond and help me with every aspect of my personal and professional life! <3"

Hanna Hermanson
Personal Business Coach

"Coaching with Mariana is a pleasurable, gentle and efficient experience. She has the ability to bring together affection, care and focus on results. I could not have made a better choice. Since we begin our coaching sessions the cycle of abundance, new opportunities and good energies is noticeable. The best of all is to be able to receive all that and share with others, keeping this virtuous cycle. Thank you and I wish always success for you."

Josiane Santos
Business Coach

"Mariana has been an absolute treasure to me! She has guided me through her tremendous Top Coaches Workshop program, which has literally transformed my coaching business! As a result, I am now able to financially support my family and live my purpose helping others transform as I have! After the TCW program, I have continued working with Mariana. She’s smart, business-savvy, intuitive and glows with positive energy! She cares so deeply for her clients as people, holds them as resourceful and strong, and wants nothing but the best for them. I cannot say enough about Mariana’s abilities as a coach and the beautiful human being that she is!"

Dominick DeAngelis
Business and Career Coach

"I love working with Mariana! She gets me! I feel on the same page, we "speak the same language" meaning she understands and appreciates my world. Mariana is an outstanding coach and I strongly recommend her to anyone ready to take their life to the next level. And yes, she will raise the BS Flag when needed, for your own good! Thank you Coach!"

Carine Kindinger
Results and Divorce Prevention Coach

"I've empowered all my skills after started to be mentored by Mariana. Today, I am achieving amazing results. Her coaching sessions are amazingly beneficial! I have always had a stronger theoretical thinking... than practical thinking, and Mariana has helped me put into practice the realization of my dreams. I recommend Mariana for everyone who wants to reach the top and be excellent in everything they do!"

Hector Ferronato

"Working with Mariana has been the best decision/investment I have made for my business and life. I am getting massive value and results. If you are on the fence about what you need to get to the next level, I highly recommend Mariana. She is extremely authentic and knows how to help people move from where they are now to where you want to go."

Mario Sousa
Success Coach

"Can't say enough! I can feel the progress working with her. In a couple of sessions I discovered that I have a range of possibilities outside of "my limitations" caused by the story I was telling myself. - Definitely a great tool to help my future clients."

Delia Roman
Health Coach

"Outstanding coach. Really helps me come back down to earth when I get swept away by my business. Always empowers me to take educated, inspired action. "

Keara Palmay
Results Coach

"I absolutely love working with Mariana! She is passionate about helping others succeed and continues to inspire me daily! A truly amazing coach!"

Julie Cullings
Executive Virtual Assistant

"Having Mariana by my side when making decisions earlier this year made all the difference in my certainty and results. As a professional committed to excellence, she was able to show me how I can impact people using my potential. I’m sure to rely on Mariana as a coach who will take me closer to the dreams and accomplishments that I want to achieve. "

Lorrana Scarpioni
CEO and Founder

You have the power to transform yourself and those around you.

Trust in your potential!

You're not alone anymore. I'm here to guide you.

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