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Coaching is a methodology that helps individuals, teams, and companies to achieve outstanding results. During my many years of experience, I can say as a fact that achieving goals is not enough for you to feel happy.

We, as human beings, are a result of our triad: our body, mind, and spirit.

Some coaching methodologies focus on the body, others on the mind, and a few on spirituality.

My methodology is based on the fact that the three elements of the triad are inseparable.

They coexist and are directly connected.

It means that a goal such as improving the profitability of your company by 50% is an important goal, but it will only be absolutely fulfilling if aligned with your triad and the triad of your company's stakeholders.

Imagine improving the profitability of your company by 50%, while having more energy and more time to enjoy your family, friends, and life, creating an impact in your community and country, having a deep sense of purpose, gaining more clients, creating more partnerships, and making plans for the future.

Now imagine defining the career that you would love to have, while being selected to work for the company of your dreams, creating a new hobby, travelling more, building strong and healthy relationships, making more money than ever, and knowing why you're here on Earth.

You might need help to achieve outstanding results in your life or your company. Ultimately, true abundance, happiness, and freedom are all we want. If that's what you want, I can help.

Mariana Lacombe

Mariana is a World Class Master Coach, with more than 15 years of experience both in the corporate world and in coaching companies and individuals across all continents. She has helped many leaders and entrepreneurs through their journey of growth, achievement and success!

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